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Royal Jelly
The Royal Jelly is a creamy substance excreted from neuters. It is intended to be the food for bees that have not got the final body shape yet. The name Royal Jelly derived from the fact that only queens and worker bees that are going to become queens are fed exclusively with it.

30 years ago, Nikolakakis Konstantinos was very keen to become a beekeeper. At that time, beekeeping was not easy, because many mountainous villages were not accessible by car, technical knowledge on beekeeping was limited (few scientists had dealt with apiculture) and the then beekeepers were few and very unwilling to reveal “the secrets of their job”.
After repeated efforts, he managed to buy 12 beehives in 1976; this was the first step of Nikolakakis family in the apiculture.
After systematic training on apiculture, as well as everyday practice on bees, the family gained valuable knowledge on beekeeping and honey production. Their well-earned expertise enabled them to increase the number of their beehives and develop their business; a few years later, younger members of the family also joined in beekeeping.
What motivates us more than anything is our belief that the position of Cretan honey in the market is not the one it deserves. The product’s positioning today does not reflect the quality, the value or the potential of the product. In our effort to accentuate the unique taste nutritional value of Cretan honey, we created a modern standardization unit in the Industrial Park of Chania and we sell our honey under the brand Aroma of Crete.

Our first honey harvesting machine.



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